If you’re new to the wonderful world of CBD, you may find it overwhelming to choose from the plethora of brands and products available. New selections seem to be popping up every day. Tinctures, oils, rollers, creams, capsules, vapes – the list seems unending. With all these options, how do you know which type of product is best for you?

When it comes to CBD, gummies are one of the most prevalent choices. There’s something about yummy gummies that bring us back to our childhood and all its carefree glory. Maybe that’s why CBD gummies have become a popular go-to for those who seek relief from daily stress and anxiety, alongside a comforting sense of nostalgia. These delectable treats have become so popular, in fact, that Google Trends revealed it to be the third most-searched food term in 2018 in the U.S.

So, what exactly are CBD gummies, and why are they so delightful?


One of the most obvious reasons that CBD gummies are so popular is that they’re tasty and are available in a variety of flavors. CBD oil on its own can possess an “earthy” or “grassy” aroma, which some people appreciate but can be unappealing to others. It all comes down to personal preference, but if you’re the type to prefer the CBD taste to be subtle or hidden, then CBD gummies are the most convenient way to get your daily dose.


CBD gummies come in handy bottles or containers that you can take with you on the go. No matter where the day takes you, it’s easy to pop one or two of these delightful treats into your mouth discreetly and with no hassle. Unlike CBD in liquid form, these convenient goodies can also be portioned out, so you don’t have to take the whole bottle with you to the office or an outing. Taking CBD doesn’t get easier than this.


If you like to know exactly how much CBD you’re consuming and are worried about overdoing it, gummies have got you covered! Trusted brands will be transparent about the CBD content in each gummy, so you won’t have to do the guesswork. For example, Way of Will’s CBD gummies contain 20mg of full-spectrum CBD oil in each piece, which is clearly stated in the product details. It is always recommended to go with a reputable brand to ensure that you’re getting quality CBD products with accurate dosages.


You might be concerned that over- or constant consumption of gummies may be detrimental to your health. In addition, conventional gummies are made with gelatin that come from the skin, bones, cartilage, or hooves of animals, which is understandably unappetizing. Luckily, certain brands like Way of Will’s CBD gummies are vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Just because gummies are sinfully scrumptious doesn’t mean that you have to feel guilty about enjoying them. Additionally, CBD is non-intoxicating and non-addictive, so treating yourself to a few extra gummies on occasion is more than okay!

So, what’s not to love about CBD gummies? Of course, they’re only one of many awesome ways to get your dose of calm and comfort. If sweet treats aren’t your thing, there’s always tinctures, capsules, or other equally appealing options that you can try.