With CBD popularity on the rise, it can be overwhelming for novices to know where to start their journey to natural wellness. There are a variety of ways in which users can enjoy CBD, and it all comes down to personal preference on taste, potency, and convenience. One of the most common CBD products on the market are tinctures, which is a potent liquid that is usually applied sublingually (i.e., under the tongue) with a dropper. Tinctures provide fast-acting effects that are also long-lasting, as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.


To produce CBD tinctures, cannabis flowers are typically steeped in a high-proof grain alcohol and then heated on a low setting for an extended period of time. During this process, the active compounds in the plant is infused with the alcohol, much of which evaporates under the heat. The resulting product is a potent tincture that delivers fast, effective results when ingested. Some companies opt for an alcohol-free tincture and may use other solvents such as glycerin, vinegar, or oil. However, these alternatives may not produce the same potency as the conventional ingredients for infusion.


While CBD tinctures are quite potent, they come in varying concentration amounts – such as 500mg, 1000mg, and so on – in order to cater to each consumer’s specific needs. Beginners will likely opt for a lower concentration to ease themselves into tinctures, while those who experience high stress on a regular basis may want something with a higher potency. In addition to the CBD content amount, tinctures typically come in a small bottle with a dropper to deliver small amounts of the product, so you can control how much and how frequently you’d need a dose. With the myriad of options for CBD products on the market, some companies also offer different, appealing variations to their tinctures to enhance the taste or aroma, such as essential-oil infusions and carrier oils.


The most common method of taking CBD tinctures is sublingually (i.e., administered directly under the tongue). Typically, it is advised that you hold the liquid under the tongue for about 60 seconds before swallowing for best results. The taste can vary depending on the quality of the plant and the extraction method used – for example, CBD oil produced from CO2 extraction will be superior in potency and purity, whereas CBD oil deriving from the solvent-extraction method typically has a more bitter taste due to the presence of chlorophyll in the final product. For those who prefer to avoid the taste of CBD oil altogether, regardless of quality, it can instead be taken by adding a few drops of the tincture to food or beverages. While you are free to add as many or few drops of tincture as you wish to your choice of food, there is also an abundance of CBD recipes available online for inspiration and guidance. A popular way to enjoy CBD tinctures is to add it to nutritious smoothies, such as these superfood smoothies by Joy Organics, as they are simple to make and easy to take with you on the go.


CBD is non-toxic and non-addictive, so even potent tinctures with high CBD content are safe to use regularly. Its versatile and convenient application methods, combined with the travel-friendly nature of tincture bottles, make it an ideal go-to for those who prefer to take their CBD with them outside of the home. Tinctures also provide fast-acting and long-lasting results as it is administered under the tongue and subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas some other forms of application may take longer for the desired effects to kick in. For those who would like to explore other methods of consuming their CBD, a popular and delicious alternative is CBD gummies.